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26-Jan- 2019

On what rests the hope of the republic?

One country, one language, one flag

--Alexander Henry


Carmel family celebrated the 70th Republic day  with immense pride and patriotism on 26th January 2019 under the leadership of our Principal Rev. Sr. Pavitra.  The ceremony began with the hoisting of the tricolor by our honourable Chief Guest Miss. Srishti Patel (Civil Judge and Magistrate) followed by the National anthem.


The Band of the School played a note which reverberated everyone with the feeling of patriotism. The entire school was resplendent  in the shades of the  Tri-color. The prayer  service of  Class IX  F and G commemorated the day when the constitution was written and amended. The feeling of patriotism was echoed by the students through slogan, dance and music.


The guest of honour enthralled the audience with her inspirational speech and emphasized  on the strength of character and personality. She being an ex-carmelite  said that it is a school by women, of women and for women and we should take pride in being a women.


Rev, Sr. Ancilla and Rev. Sr. Pavitra felicitated the Chief guest with a Mometo.


The programme concluded with a motivational speech delivered by  Rev. Sr. Pavitra. She encouraged everyone to be loyal to the constitution and  imbibe the spirit of patriotism and be a responsible citizen by abolishing the social evils prevailing in the Indian Society.


Today we as Carmelites are proud of our  Nation’s achievements and look ahead to give a bright future to our country India..