Carmel Convent Sr. Secondary School
B.H.E.L. , Govindpura P.O , Bhopal




The main aim is to sensitize students towards Eco-Awareness, maintenance of greenery around the school by various Plantation drive programmes, making best out of waste etc. Eco Club is actively involved in promoting environment related issues such as judicial use of paper and Planting trees. Environmental Club is for any student interested in learning about the environment and participating in service activities related to environmental issues. Activities of the club include Educational Speeches Special Recycling Projects in the school, tree plantation, removing invasive species, litter clean- ups and other special projects with environmental themes.


The Club encourages students to develop their technical skills and acts as a platform for   students to showcase their talents in computer applications. This club’s goal is to expand knowledge and interest  in the field of computer science and programming .


It is a fact that we can learn and remember things better if we do it and practice rather than just read them. This basic principle is involved in the formation of organization called “Science Clubs” meant for ‘learning by doing ‘.

Science club is belps in the development of scientific attitude, and develop genuine interest in science and scientific activities, supplements the work of the classroom and the laboratory and parts the Syllabus  on a practical bias.

The aims and objectives of science club is to provide proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of scientific knowledge in rigorous way by broadening their scientific outlook. To make  the students understand the values of time and to help them in the proper  utilization to their hours.

Objectives :-

1.      To develop the creativity and encourage the habit of exploration.

2.      To widen the outlook of students, apply the knowledge in life situations.

3.      To develop interest in scientific hobbies.

4.      To keep the students in touch with the latest developments in science.

5.      To develop the observation power, co-operative working among the students.

6.      To  grate interest  in scientific facts and events related to one’s surroundings.


Healthy Development of Children and Young People through Physical education and sports have an educational impact. Changes can be seen in (i) motor skill development and performance and (ii) educational potential . This shows the positive relationship between being involved in physical activities and psychosocial development . Through participation in sport and physical education , young people learn about the importance of key values such as honesty , team work, fair play, respect for themselves and others and adherence to rules.



The Social Work Club provides a vehicle for student cohesiveness and professional identity with the social work profession . The Club is a student led organization designed to increase awareness of social issues with in the school and the wider community . It provides opportunities to students to visit slums , orphanages , old age homes , hospitals etc.  


Mathematics Club hold the potential for increasing student’s opportunity to learn and enrich their mathematical experiences in ways that are free from curriculum and assessments driven teaching practices.The clubs organizes various mathematical activities with the help of mathematic kits-different competitions are conducted according to classwise.


The goal of the programme is to ensure the provision of comprehensive health and nutrition education and related support services in school to equip children with basic life skills for healthy living.



The aim of the club is to inculcate among students a fondness for language and enhance their literary skills.  The club provides a platform for:

1.Debating:- To encourage students to become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.

2.Speech and Drama:- To promote communication skills of students and help in team work,ability to speak and emote before audience thereby increasing the emotional quotient of the students!

3.Journalism:- To promote the ability to organize and analyse the available resources and adopt technological advancements to present ideas and creativity artistically. 


This club is initiated for the students with the purpose of creating awareness, preserving and promoting our varied and rich ancient culture and traditions; among the young learners .It conducts various activities and educational excursions for students that enable them to appreciate the traditions, culture and religious diversity for our country.


In order to inculcate the idea of uniformity and togetherness in the young hearts, our school has introduced this club. The club activities not only help students to identify themselves, but also assist them to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as interpersonal communication, organizational leadership, presentation, etc. in order to bring out their best talents.


The initiative of setting up a peace club is mainly for the purpose of exploring the theme of peace. To help students understand cultural differences and similarities in order to increase respect and appreciation of diversity. To promote friendship and improve understanding between peers. To develop values of mutual respect and tolerance for other in build an equal and just society. To regard peace as a state of mind, a chosen value, a norm and a way of life.  



Commerce Club is a great way to spark a child’s interest in learning.”Learning through Doing”. It gives students a chance to question how or why things work and work towards solutions.

The Main objective is:

1.      To expose students to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario.

2.      To build self-confidence and practice approach.

3.   To Provide a nurturing and motivating environment to exploit the full potential of students.