Carmel Convent Sr. Secondary School
B.H.E.L. , Govindpura P.O , Bhopal
School Motto

The school motto is "LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE"
The circle signifies the universe. The open book stands for knowledge, which is to be imparted to all. The lamp is for enlightenment of mind to be radiated to millions still in darkness.

The cross behind stands for suffering as well as victory and reminds us that it is only in giving that we receive. For us the cross is the symbol of salvation. The death of Christ brought salvation to mankind. Christ loved man so much that he gave himself up for a death on a cross and that brought salvation to the humanity. Without suffering man does not really humanize himself or liberate himself from bondage and fulfill his spiritual aspirations.

Yes, let your light shine. Your Alma Mater wants you to be outstanding wherever you go and whatever you do. Let millions benefit from you.


Creation of a healthy Society and a better world order by moulding integrated, sensitized and empowered young women working towards fullness of life.


Enlightenment of every child for the empowerment of human race and establishment of a just society.

Holistic Education for individual and social transformation by Academic Excellence, Psychological Soundness and Ethical Sensitivity.