Carmel Convent Sr. Secondary School
B.H.E.L. , Govindpura P.O , Bhopal

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Golden Jubilee Inauguration -Carmel Day -2017
Carmel Convent Girls’ Sr. Sec. School , B.H.E.L., Bhopal witnessed the creation of a new chapter by inaugurating the 50Th Golden Jubilee Celebration in all its grandeur and adoration on 15th July 2017. The Blessed day began by the welcome speech addressed by Dr. Sr. Noel, the Provincial Superior, CMC by welcoming the honourable chief guest His Grace Dr. Rev. Leo Cornelio with a floral Bouquet The Arch Bishop of Bhopal, which was followed by invoking God’s Blessings in the form of radiant prayer Dance by the Carmel Students, B.H.E.L., Bhopal. The programme proceeded with a string of events by ‘unveiling the 50th Golden Jubilee logo ‘by – the Archbishop of Bhopal Capturing the eyes of all. The thunder claps echoed the auditorium when around 500 middle school students performed a ‘Candle March’ which was a visual treat to the audience . It was an exciting moment when the chief guest Dr. Rev. Leo Cornelio, the Archbishop Bhopal gave the seal of approval to declare the Golden Jubilee open with by handing over the scroll by Dr. Sr. Noel . After the initial ecstasy settled Dr. Sister Noel , The Provincial Superior , CMC Inaugurated the Jubilee Anthem which was ushered at the stroke of a melodious music followed by the Jubilee Crest which doubled the joy of the viewers . The Programme put all speculation to rest with a sterling performance bringing together emotions and thrill through a Dance Drama showcased by the school students of Carmel Convent B.H.E.L. and the two of its powerful Branches of Carmel Schools ; Ratanpur and Mount Carmel School Baghmugalia , with a nostalgic feeling taking the audience down the memory lane of Carmel’s reminiscence from the inception to a grownup prestigious institutions spreading its fragrance of quality education in Bhopal with a vision of ‘Enlightened to Excel’ . The entire programme was incredibly awesome leaving the crowd spell bound with the cultural bonanza and the address of our most adorable chief Guest Dr Rev. Leo Cornelio , The Archbishop , Bhopal who in message congratulated the CMC Sisters for their wonderful services rendered to the society & showing gratitude relying on God and blessed their ongoing journey . As a concluding note the vote of thanks was proposed by Sr. Anupa the Principal of Carmel School , B.H.E.L. , Bhopal