Carmel Convent Sr. Secondary School
B.H.E.L. , Govindpura P.O , Bhopal

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Gas Tragedy -2017
A Remembrance prayer service was held at Carmel Convent, BHEL on the day after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy i.e. on Monday, the 4th of December 2017. The students conducted a special prayer service today, reminiscing the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and remembering the lost souls and praying for their peaceful rest. The prayer service commenced with a prayer song by the students followed by a heart breaking enactment of the tragic day bringing to light the soul wrenching and emotional trauma experienced by the affected people of Bhopal on that fateful day, who lost their lives and many who lost their loved ones. The students re-affirmed their faith in God and His benevolence and goodness through the heart touching prayer song, “ Ek tu hi Bharosa...”. The students of Class VIII – E re-accounted the tragic events of that day and the prayer service ended with an offering of flowers at the feet of the school’s patroness Mother Mary, with a prayer for peace and as a tribute to the victims of the Bhopal Gas tragedy.